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Lisa Hulme-Moir

Dr Lisa Hulme-Moir

BVSc. dist, PhD

Lisa graduated from Massey with distinction in 2000 and spent the first 4 years of her veterinary career working in small and mixed practices both here and in the UK. In 2004 she pursued her interest in veterinary pathology into a PhD in leukocyte biology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. This was followed by 5 years working as a clinical pathologist at the University of Glasgow where she was involved in the day to day running of the clinical pathology laboratory, varied teaching commitments and research projects that ranged from trypanosomiasis in equids, acute phase proteins, feline anaemia and mouse models of leukaemia. Family and lifestyle brought Lisa back to NZ in 2012 where she has been working since this time at the Awanui Veterinary Auckland laboratory.

Lisa is interested in all aspects of clinical pathology but particularly enjoys getting involved in CPD and assisting vets and vet nurses to get the most out of their external and in-house laboratory testing. Her large animal veterinarian husband, Brent, has helped her keep a healthy interest in production animal diagnostics and in recent years she has developed a mild obsession with equine endocrinology, completing background work on ACTH testing in NZ for equine Cushing’s disease.

Lisa’s spare time is mainly taken up with gardening and running around after children. Personal (and largely unfulfilled) interests include reading, listening to music, horse-riding and golf.