Pet Owners

Pet Owners

Why is pathology important for your pet?

Pathology testing helps your vet make accurate decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. This helps keep animals healthier for longer and avoids unnecessary delays in accessing the best possible treatment for their condition. It also helps you find out how their treatment is working and it avoids your pet from suffering unnecessary side-effects from inappropriate treatments...Read more

Health screening

As parents, we think nothing of taking our children for regular visits to the doctor and dentist, and the majority of adults are similarly disciplined about ensuring that they get regular medical check-ups for themselves.  Even our cars benefit from a regular Warrant of Fitness, ensuring they are running effectively and in order to pick up on any mechanical problems before they become too serious.  So why should we treat our pets any differently? 

Health screening plays an essential role in disease prevention and general wellness assessments, promoting the overall wellbeing of our pets. Early detection of disease and other health conditions facilitates more effective management, leading to a happier and healthier life for your pet.

Awanui Veterinary, in conjunction with your local vet, offers a wide range of health screening options, together with more specific testing aimed at senior petsoverweight pets and pets requiring anaesthesia.

Genetic testing services

Awanui Veterinary is no longer providing a referral service for canine and feline genetic testing.