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Dogs New Zealand Thyroid Panel

Dogs New Zealand thyroid panel

In May 2011, the New Zealand Kennel Club (now Dogs New Zealand) launched the Accredited Breeders Scheme, a voluntary scheme allowing accredited breeders to display the Accredited Breeders logo and thus be recognised by the public as meeting the highest possible standards. More importantly, the Scheme provides puppy buyers with the assurance that:

  • They are purchasing a pedigree puppy from someone whose priority is the health and welfare of the puppies that they breed.
  • The breeder will provide a quality, supportive and informative service both before and after they take their puppy home.
  • The sire and dam of a puppy have been tested for all required health tests, relevant to the breed, and that the breeder will provide accurate information about the results of these tests.
  • The sire and dam have been DNA profiled so the parentage of the puppy can be verified.

As part of the scheme, the NZKCs Canine Health Committee compiled a list of mandatory and optional health tests, specific to individual breeds, based on the following principals: that the tests be recognised, affordable and accessible. Awanui Veterinary worked closely with the NZKC Canine Health Committee to ensure that their requirement for thyroid testing met these principles. This included the introduction to New Zealand of a number of previously unavailable tests for measuring thyroid function, and the creation of a discounted Dogs NZ approved thyroid panel.

For further information about the Accredited Breeders Scheme, please visit the official Dogs NZ Accredited Breeders Scheme website.