B12 testing issue – cattle

Our team have identified an instrument issue with our serum B12 analyser. This issue has caused some variability with results that are close to the limit of quantification (LOQ) for this test within the last 2 weeks. We are working with the instrument supplier to fix this issue, and until it is resolved we will subcontract this testing to another approved laboratory.

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This variability only affects results close to the lower end of the reference interval. Some samples have been reported as low, whereas they are possibly within normal limits. We are currently retesting samples that have been reported as lower than the normal range during the affected period and you may receive an amended result for these if there are any changes.

> If you have questions about a particular case, please email the case details to ???????.??????@????????.??.??, and one of our team will get into contact with you.

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With the disruption of availability of the Cobalt75 supply out of Ukraine/Russia, we have recently validated a new B12 method. This new methodology passed our validation process, and we are confident with the detection performance of this method. The erroneous results we have been experiencing over the last 2 weeks are due to an instrumentation issue, not to the new method we are now using.