BVD bulk milk Lab-Portal – such a breeze to use!  

Does your clinic help organise bulk milk BVD testing for multiple clients?  Do you struggle keeping track of which farm needs testing when? Are you looking for the perfect testing options that can be adapted depending on your client?

Our BVD bulk milk Lab-Portal helps reduce the administration work load when carrying out bulk milk testing for your farmers.  You can order bulk milk BVD, ostertagia and liver fluke testing, as well as our economical Herd Guardian packages through the Lab-Portal.  The testing is all performed on dairy company sourced samples, so no on-farm sampling is required.

This system also provides visibility of all your clinic’s orders booked for the upcoming season; which farmers are about to be tested in the coming weeks; and whether the sample has been received at the laboratory.

“Your BVD portal is just wonderful to use and so easy to navigate. With over 60 farms to co-ordinate, it’s great  the Gribbles BVD portal is so user friendly and not at all complicated to use.”

Celeste Broad, Franklin Vets

We have received such great feedback about the Lab-Portal, we don’t want you missing out on the action.  To find out more, find access instructions here or contact your local Gribbles Veterinary Territory Manager.