BVD testing simplified

BVD testing doesn’t have to be complicated. We have recently simplified our BVD testing options and updated the tests for various ages groups ensuring all details are up to date with the latest guidelines.

Calves <35 days old

Up until recently, using antigen ELISA testing in animals less than 35 days-old was not recommended due to interference from maternal antibodies and the potential for false negative results. Recent work carried out in New Zealand now indicates that antigen ELISA is a suitable test to use on ear notch samples for animals in this age group. PCR is a suitable test for serum or ear notch regardless of age.

Testing options: <35 days old—PCR (serum or ear notch) or antigen ELISA (ear notch only)

Find the full information sheet on our website here.

Individual animals >35 days old

When BVD incursion is likely, we use combination testing—PCR on pooled samples and the antigen ELISA (if required) to test individual animals in any positive pool.  Serum or ear notch are both suitable sample types.

Testing options: PCR or antigen ELISA (serum or ear notch samples both suitable)

For screening of healthy animals where a BVD incursion is unlikely (e.g. bull screening, beef screening), we offer a cost-effective BVD screening test on pooled serum samples.

Testing options: Pooled PCR screen (serum only)

Find more information on our website here.

Herd monitoring

Dairy herds: Our Herd Guardian testing makes it easy to pre-schedule dairy company supplied samples for BVD PCR and antibody ELISA testing on bulk milk samples. Packages are available to suit most herd situations and an easy to use online portal can be used to order testing and view results.

Testing options: Herd Guardian bulk milk packages and one-off testing—PCR and antibody ELISA

Beef herds: Monitoring beef herds is recommended by an annual screen of unvaccinated, replacement/keeper animals,10-18 months-old for BVD antibody levels. Animals need to be greater than 10-months-old at the time of sampling.

This monitoring can be supplemented as necessary with a vaccination programme, calf screening or individual animal testing if appropriate for the farm situation.

Testing options: >10 months-old—pooled or individual Antibody ELISA (serum)

If you have any questions or would like copies of information sheets please visit our website or contact your local Territory Manager.