CADET® BRAF testing

– accurate canine bladder and prostate cancer test

CADET® BRAF evaluates urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells containing a mutation for canine bladder/prostate cancer (TCC/UC). It’s cutting-edge technology that is accurate and convenient for both veterinarian and pet owner.

Achieve accurate and early diagnosis of TCC/UC

CADET® BRAF is a highly sensitive test designed to monitor the b-raf mutation in TCC/UC cases during the course of their treatment, for therapeutic response and relapse. CADET® BRAF testing can be used for both the rapid, non-invasive assessment of dogs displaying clinical signs consistent with TCC/UC and for confirmed cases undergoing treatment.

How CADET® BRAF is used in a clinical setting

CADET® BRAF evaluates free-catch urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells harbouring the BRAF mutation or specific copy number variations associated with TCC/UC. The assays identify 95% of TCC/UC cases. The extremely low limit of detection of 10 mutation-bearing cells in a urine sample allows early diagnosis of a developing TCC/UC, often several months before any advanced clinical signs associated with the cancer become evident.

Clinical indications – when to use the CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS

> Clinical cases presenting with haematuria, stranguria, and/or urinary incontinence with diagnostic imaging evidence of a mass in the bladder.

> During chemotherapy to monitor treatment success by decreased levels of b-raf mutation detection, or to monitor cancer relapse by re-occurrence of b-raf mutation tumour-bearing cells.

> Early diagnosis in clinical cases with recurrent, complicated or antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections presenting with haematuria without ultrasonographic evidence of a bladder mass.

> Confirmation of the TCC/UC diagnosis of a bladder mass from a stained cytology slide following ultrasonography and cytological examination of a fine-needle aspirate from tumour-bearing cells.

> Early detection in high-risk dog breeds such as Terriers, Shetland and Australian sheep dogs, cattle dogs, Beagles and Border collies that are six years and older.

Sample collection and handling

Species: Canine
Specimen: 40 mL free-catch urine collected in CADET BRAF container
Container: CADET BRAF container (obtain from laboratory, no charge)
Collection protocol: Urine must be placed in BRAF container within 15 minutes of collection and can be collected over multiple days. Containers can be obtained free of charge by contacting your local laboratory.
Special handling/shipping requirements: Do not freeze, store urine in BRAF container at room temperature.
Turn-around time: 10-14 days
Pricing: Please contact your local laboratory

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