Campylobacter jejuni

Campylobacter jejuni

Species: Many domestic, wild animals and birds

Specimen: Ovine fetal stomach contents; faeces

Container: Sterile container

Collection protocol: Aspirate stomach contents into sterile container. Collect fresh faeces into sterile container.

Special handling/shipping requirements: Samples are to be transported and stored chilled. Do not freeze samples.

General information about the disease: Commensal on the oral mucosa and intestinal tract of animals and birds. Pathogenic isolates of C. jejuni show several virulence attributes. There is doubt about its ability to cause abortion and diarrhoea in sheep and diarrhoea in cattle. Associated with enteritis and diarrhoea in cats and dogs which can be passed on to humans.

Comparison with other related tests: Can be cultured with definitive identification of isolates by either MALDI-TOF or based on a number of biochemical and other tests. qPCR can provide rapid detection and identification.