Equine ACTH samples are nice on ice

With the Boehringer Ingelheim ACTH testing promotion starting in April, it’s a good time to remind you of the sample handling requirements for these blood samples.

All samples for equine ACTH testing must still be cold when received in the laboratory. If they are ambient temperature on receipt, the samples are not suitable for testing.

We recommend:

> The sample must be chilled within 3 hours of collection, preferably immediately after collection.

> If possible separate the plasma from the red cell pack. This must be done by centrifugation.

> Freeze the separated plasma and send to the lab with gel ice packs.

> If separation is not possible, wrap the chilled EDTA sample lightly in cotton wool and send with gel ice packs (but do not allow to freeze).

Read more information about this test and sample requirements on our website here.