Species: Dog, cat

Specimen: Serum

Container: Red top tube

Collection protocol:

  • Fasted sample, particularly if other biochemical tests will be run
  • Levodopa at therapeutic doses can cause a false increase in fructosamine
  • Hyperthyroid cats may have decreased serum fructosamine

Special handling/shipping requirements: Standard

General information about when this test is indicated:

Fructosamine is used for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs. It is particularly useful in cats, where stress hyperglycaemia can be marked and may lead to glucosuria and interference with the performance of blood glucose curves during therapy.

Generally fructosamine concentrations provide a reflection of blood glucose concentrations during the previous 1-3 weeks but it is important to note that other conditions may affect this analyte. Examples include hypoalbuminaemia/hypoproteinaemia, hyperlipidemia, azotemia and in cats, hyperthyroidism.

Serum fructosamine may also be useful for demonstrating prolonged hypoglycemia in animals presenting with a suspicion of an insulinoma/beta cell tumour. Further workup to exclude other causes of hypoglycaemia and demonstrate inappropriate insulin secretion however would still be required to confirm a diagnosis of insulinoma.  Used to monitor response to insulin therapy.

Comparison with other related tests: NA