Gribbles’ partnership with ezyVet

ezyVet provides the Practice Management Software of choice for veterinary professionals who want to save time, grow their business and deliver excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.

What ezyVet offers

1. Request diagnostic testing in one place

Send diagnostic test requests to Gribbles Veterinary directly from ezyVet

2. Seamless patient record updates

Laboratory results automatically load to your patient records in ezyVet.

3. Full range of diagnostic tests for you to choose from

From companion animal to equine, production to exotics, all tests along with updated pricing are available in ezyVet.

How Gribbles Veterinary works with ezyVet

Gribbles Veterinary’s lab-integration gives your practice access to our diagnostics testing via ezyVet. This will improve your clinic’s efficiency and do away with the manual handling of test requests and results.

Request tests via ezyVet in your clinic, send Gribbles Veterinary the samples plus a copy of the request form, and let them take care of the testing. Once ready, the results will be electronically transferred directly into your patient records.

The seamless electronic connection between ezyVet and Gribble Veterinary’s laboratory information system means transcription errors and misfiled results are a thing of the past, with consistently correct data being the new normal.

Visit the ezyVet website here for more information.