Handle with care


Do you often have small or fragile biopsies or samples for histology that would benefit from some TLC?

We stock special cassettes with an extremely fine mesh that prevents tissue loss during processing and protects small or fragile biopsies. These are great for endoscopic biopsies, nasal biopsies, crusts from skin disease, or small biopsies where orientation is important.

The cassettes are comprised of two interlocking plastic frames – one slightly smaller than the other – which are linked by a mesh hinge. The frames surround a polyester mesh membrane with a pore size of 220 x 220 microns which will contain the majority of small specimens received for tissue processing. The cassettes can only be closed in one direction to produce a 3.1mm cavity.

Significant artefact can occur with repeat handling of delicate tissues, therefore biopsies can be placed directly in the cassettes at the time of surgery, then straight into formalin for fixation.

When cassetted samples reach the laboratory, the cassettes are inserted directly into a standard histology cassette for processing which prevents double handling and risk of damage to the sample.

The cassettes cost less than $2.00 each, and have no expiry date, making them cost-effective to have on hand to maximise the preservation of small and delicate samples when required.  Order yours online today!