Bovine Camp/Trich kit (Kit per animal)

Tritrichomonas fetus and Campylobacter fetus venerealis infections of cattle are sexually transmitted diseases associated with infertility. Cattle destined for live export or entering centres for export semen or ova production are required to be tested free of infection. Bovine preputial and vaginal samples for campylobacter and tritrichomonas culture require specialised transport media and collection techniques.

Sample kit includes (for each animal):

  • 1 x Landers TEM campylobacter culture media, 9mL (brown fluid) – store frozen
  • 1 x Phosphate buffered saline (PBS), 9mL (clear fluid)
  • 1 x InPouch® TF – Tritrichomonas fetus culture system
  • 1 x Tricamper™ sampling rod

Sample collection instructions can be found here.

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