Plasma ACTH testing reminder

We featured an article in June 2019 regarding factors that can interfere with ACTH testing for diagnosis of Pars Pituitary Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) in horses.  Since both non-PPID and PPID horses display higher ACTH concentrations in autumn (March, April, May) compared with other times of the year, now is a timely reminder of these interfering […]

No Synacthen? What to do?

KATHRYN JENKINS We have had a few enquiries recently regarding how to monitor Cushing’s, and how to diagnose Addison’s disease, when Synacthen (for ACTH stimulation testing) is difficult to obtain. So here is some information for you. Monitoring Cushing’s disease (when treated with Vetoryl/Trilostane): To monitor control of Cushing’s (in the absence of ACTH-stimulation testing), […]