We haven’t forgotten the cows!

RACHEL WHITEHEAD We are seeing a continual emergence of drench resistance in cattle. The importance of monitoring the efficiency of drenches in cattle, particularly dairy, is key to halt the production limiting effect of resistant parasite burden. Faecal egg counting (FEC) alone does have its limits when used for cattle. The host immune response can […]

Faecal egg count reduction test

RACHEL WHITEHEAD Grazing ruminants in New Zealand are rarely free of worm infection, though effects on stock health and productivity vary widely. Clinical effects of enteric parasitism include ill thrift, diarrhoea, anaemia, and death in severe cases. The degree of damage is influenced by the numbers and identities of the parasites present, host age, immunity, […]

*NEW* – Faecal egg count reduction test

RACHEL WHITEHEAD Anthelmintic resistance is a growing issue, therefore investigation of potential resistance is an important tool in managing production-limiting effects on-farm. At Gribbles Veterinary we are committed to developing tools to promote vet + farmer communication. This season we are launching a new faecal egg count reduction test (FECRT) report, which will calculate anthelmintic […]