Autumn essentials

Liver and serum sampling in the autumn, or at drying off, provides an opportunity to ensure herd trace element levels are appropriate heading into winter. The testing options below focus on the essential autumn trace elements – copper and selenium – but you can add to these or change them using other trace element tests […]

Water trough check-up

Could your clients be pouring valuable trace element supplementation down the drain? Mineral supplementation comes at a price, so with your clients in mind, we’ve developed a testing system that allows you to check-up on the mineral content of stock water supplies to ensure levels are adequate, but are not drowning in it!  Whether farmers […]

Autumn is here!

For production animal veterinarians, autumn is the time to remind farmer’s about the importance of trace element testing leading up to winter. Tissue and serum sampling in the autumn or at drying off, provides an opportunity to ensure trace elements and magnesium concentrations are appropriate heading into winter, and to assess any effects of sporidesmin […]

Regional trace element trends

In April 2019 we upgraded our trace element reporting to include cumulative results for routine screening.  This year our outstanding team of programmers have gone an extra step, and we are now able to report cumulative results for a farm PLUS local regional trends for a specific trace element. Cumulative reporting can be used to […]