Theileria orientalis Ikeda PCR

Theileria orientalis Ikeda PCR

Species: Bovine

Specimen: Whole blood

Container: EDTA tube

Collection protocol: Venepuncture

Special handling/shipping requirements: Standard

General information about the disease: This is a tick borne protozoan parasite infection of cattle red blood cells resulting in anaemia.  

General information about when this test is indicated: 

In anaemic cattle; to confirm the cause of anaemia is Theileria orientalis Ikeda related, and to rule out other causes of anaemia. In healthy cattle; to screen for the presence/absence of T. orientalis Ikeda.

Comparison with other related tests:

Diagnosis can be made by examination of red blood cells on smears where the parasite can be visualised.  A PCR for Theileria orientalis chitose and Theileria orientalis buffeli are available as separate tests.