Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii

Species: Ovine

Specimen: Brain tissue even from mummified fetuses. Stomach contents represents a subsample of the amniotic fluid, fetal fluid and fetal plasma, hence is an ideal sample to test for aetiological agents by microbiological culture and PCR testing.

Container: Sterile container for brain tissue and fetal stomach contents

Collection protocol: Excision of brain tissue and aspiration of fetal fluid.

Special handling/shipping requirements: Samples are to be transported and stored chilled. Do not freeze samples.

General information about the disease: T. gondii is a common cause of abortion in sheep. Clinical ovine toxoplasmosis occurs following primary infection of pregnant sheep through ingestion of sporulated oocysts. Infected animals may subsequently abort or produce still-born and/or weak lambs, often along with a small mummified fetus.

Comparison with other related tests: Use the PCR result in combination with LAT, histopathology of brain and cotyledons and the clinical signs for investigating possible Toxoplasma gondii abortion.