Trace element testing review

Trace element testing review

Did you know that in 2018, Awanui Veterinary reviewed data from trace element testing in New Zealand and consequently made some changes to testing recommendations?

Liver copper:
Recommended sample size changed from 5 to ≥10 (for all species). This will provide 75% confidence that the mean of the samples is representative of the herd as opposed to approximately 55% confidence for the current recommendation of 5 liver samples.

Serum copper:
Copper sequestration in the clotting process has been found to cause an artefactually lower copper serum result. The adequacy value for serum copper in cattle has changed from >8 µmol/L to 7 µmol/L.

Latest technology:
Awanui Veterinary has ICP-MS* technology in our Dunedin laboratory – the centre of excellence for trace element testing. This technology provides increased accuracy and precision, faster turn around times and needs a much smaller sample volume.

* Inductively coupled plasma with mass spectrometry