Trace element testing

Our 2020 price book features some  recommended trace element panels (see panels below). The suggested panels are examples of appropriate analytes for assessing what is happening in the dairy herd.

Testing for trace element status is an important part of mineral supplementation plans on farm. If you wish to discuss the best options for testing in your area, or for a particular farmer, our team of Pathologists are happy to discuss your options. 0800 GRIBBLES.

Autumn Panel – Important analysis for dairy herds prior to winter.

AnalyteWhy test this?
Zinc x10Monitor for facial eczema prevention
GGT x10Identify subclinical facial eczema damage
Selenium x5Assess status prior to winter
Liver copper ≥10Assess stores prior to winter

Premating Panel – Important analysis to assess factors that can impact the reproductive performance of the dairy herd.

AnalyteWhy test this?
Calcium x10Hypocalcaemia can negatively affect fertility
Magnesium x10Needs to be assessed alongside calcium
BOH x10Indicator of negative energy balance which can negatively affect fertility
Selenium x5 Copper x10Deficiency can affect conception rates

Transition Panel – Important analysis for dairy herds to help support a successful transition period.

AnalyteWhy test this?
Calcium Magnesium Phosphate x10Levels key for metabolic disease prevention
NEFA or BOH x10Indicator of negative energy balance
Selenium x5Adequate levels important in periparturient immunity for reducing mastitis, metritis and associated with retained fetal membranes
Vitamin B12 x10Low levels may indicate suboptimal nutrition affecting the ability of ruminal microflora to synthesise Vit B12