TSE surveillance – help protect New Zealand!

Biosecurity New Zealand conducts surveillance for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). This programme is vital to our animal products exports. If you see an animal with clinical signs compatible with TSE, please collect and submit samples to the programme.

Important update for 2023

Carcasses of animals entering the TSE Programme must be appropriately buried on-farm. Please advise your customer that these carcasses cannot be collected for rendering, including for pet food.

Financial incentives

Biosecurity New Zealand compensates farmers for the loss of their animals, and vets for their time and labour in taking and submitting TSE samples.

Cattle$250 +GST$380 +GST
Deer$200 +GST$250 +GST
Sheep/goats$100 +GST$200 +GST

Eligible animals

Cattle 30 months – 9 years

> Progressive non-responsive nervous disease

> Non-responsive metabolic disorders

> Dairy cattle culled for behavioural reasons

> Abnormal gait or stance without obvious injury

Deer > 2 years

> Progressive non-responsive nervous disease

> Progressive non-responsive ill-thrift

> Acute pneumonia or aspiration pneumonia

Sheep/goats > 2 years

> Progressive non-responsive nervous disease

For further details, including sampling guidelines and submission form, visit the NZ Biosecurity website.