Specialist testing services

Specialist testing services

Awanui Veterinary employs veterinarians trained in both anatomic and clinical pathology. Anatomic pathologists are trained in the mechanisms of cellular injury, inflammation and repair, immunology, neoplasia, and tissue injury associated with micro organisms and other agents. Results of necropsies and examination of tissue slides are communicated in client reports and recommendations made on prognosis, further sample collection and, where appropriate, treatment. Clinical pathologists match the history of a case with the laboratory test results in haematology, biochemistry, endocrinology, cytopathology and urinalysis to assist accurate diagnoses. A clinical pathology report is usually available the same day.

Throughout their extensive careers, many of our veterinary pathologists have developed special areas of interest and expertise, allowing us to offer our clients a range of specialist pathology services. These include:

Fish and aquatic pathology services

Among our team of highly qualified and experienced pathologists, we have staff with an interest in aquatic pathology. Drawing on their professional expertise, we offer the aquaculture sector a range of finfish diagnostic testing, including parasitology, haematology, bacteriology, toxicology, histopathology, general health screening, and diagnostic interpretation and consultation. We can also provide feed testing and nutritional value analysis via our sister company, Awanui Scientific, thus offering the sector a comprehensive laboratory service that we believe is unrivalled in New Zealand.

Poultry and avian pathology services

Our pathologists have extensive experience of investigating pathology of poultry. Whether nutritional, management or infectious causes, post mortem and lesion cataloguing is often the first step. A coordinated approach between pathologists, poultry veterinarians and poultry staff allows diagnosis and resolution of most problems. Submission of multiple dead or affected birds is the most effective way of achieving a diagnosis.

Our pathologists are also experienced in investigating causes of death or disease in pet, exotic or zoological bird species. Most of the common problems can be resolved in the local laboratory but referral between pathologists allows pooling of specialist knowledge to unravel some of the rarer causes of disease. Post mortem, biopsy and clinical pathology can all be undertaken by Awanui Veterinary in avian species.

Wildlife and exotic pathology services

Several members of our team of pathologists and technicians have a specific interest and significant experience in wildlife and exotic pathology. Awanui Veterinary offers a comprehensive range of avian, reptile, amphibian and exotic mammalian diagnostic testing, including parasitology, haematology, microbiology, toxicology, cytology, necropsy and histopathology. Bringing together the results from these tests and our pathologists’ diagnostic interpretation and consultation facilitates effective general health screening, disease surveillance, sick animal management and mortality investigation.

Post-mortem and expert witness service

Anatomic pathologists are able to provide a post-mortem service (Note: this is not available at all laboraties). All species of mammals, birds and reptiles can be examined for any lesions, to provide a cause of death, or for sample collection for later analysis. Bodies and tissues can be disposed of or returned for cremation (arranged by the submitter).  If required, pathologists can also be called upon as expert witnesses in animal welfare/ legal cases. Because of our laboratories sample handling and tracking procedures, computer information system and laboratory processes, data is safely and accurately retained and can be used as evidence if required.