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Dr Sandy Weltan

Dr Sandy Weltan

BVSc., PhD, BVSc. (Hons), MMedVet (KLD)

Sandy graduated with a BVSc at the University of Pretoria in 1983 and spent the first 4½ years of her profession working in government veterinary laboratories in the Eastern Cape. She moved to Cape Town in 1987 and spent 3 years in private veterinary practice before moving to a research, then a teaching post at the University of Cape Town – where she completed a PhD in human exercise physiology. There followed another 3 years in small animal veterinary practice.

She joined a veterinary laboratory in Cape Town in 2000 where she completed her BVSc (Hons) in 2002 and her MMedVet (CLD) in 2009. She has worked in a succession of veterinary laboratories in Cape town until joining Awanui Veterinary.

Her main clinical pathology interests are cytology and haematopathology.

She lives with two dogs and two cats. Her interests are trail running, preferably with the dogs, gardening, overlanding and camping, reading and cooking.