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Sunao Fujita

Dr Sunao Fujita

BVM, DACVP (Clinical Pathology)

Sunao graduated from Azabu University in Japan in 2004 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and spent the next nine years in small and exotic animal practice. Sunao then moved to the USA to complete his residency at Oklahoma State University. During his residency, Sunao engaged in diagnostic services and teaching, as well as an internship at Antech Diagnostics in California.

After passing his ACVP board exams, Sunao returned to Japan and has been working as a clinical pathologist at the Fujifilm Vet Systems Co Ltd, engaging in diagnostic services (cytology, haematology, bone marrow exam and urinalysis), quality control and consultation with practitioners. He has also been involved in educational seminars and as a speaker at conferences during this time.

Sunao is interested in all aspects of clinical pathology, particularly cytology and haematology, focusing on infectious diseases.

He has moved to New Zealand with his wife and two children and his personal interests include cooking, watching sports, and outdoor activities.