Bovine disease surveillance report

MPI has developed a new bovine disease surveillance report to help veterinarians better understand disease patterns at both the regional and national levels.

These reports utilise data collected as part of Biosecurity New Zealand’s (BNZ) Animal Health Surveillance Programme, which collects anonymised data on all sick bovine cases seen by the veterinary diagnostic laboratories in New Zealand.

These new reports present the past three years presenting signs and diagnoses data for each quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, Oct-Dec), this may help veterinarians understand what diseases to expect in the same quarter of the current year, assuming similar climatic conditions. Additionally, it may assist in identifying emerging diseases in a timely way.

The endemic disease reports have two parts:

> Graphs showing presenting signs and corresponding diagnoses for the upcoming quarter for the past three years, both for each region and nationally.

The graphics demonstrate the frequency of each presenting sign for the quarter and then, for the three most frequently reported presenting signs, the aetiological diagnoses that were achieved for each presenting sign.

> Bovine disease narratives from Surveillance magazine for the upcoming quarter from the previous year (nationally and regionally) – these are pathologist reports from the veterinary laboratory network.

As an example, the upcoming ‘Quarter 2’ National Report (reporting data for the April-June quarter) can be found here.

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