BVD PCR testing options – what to select

When checking the BVD status of your herd, several testing options are available on our submission form that will cover most situations:

Antigen ELISA testing

The antigen ELISA test is suitable for testing of individual animals.

> Ear notch samples can be from animals of any age
> Serum samples can only be tested if the animals are > 35 days old.


This is our standard BVD PCR test and is suitable for animals of any age.  Both serum and ear notch samples can be tested. 

> Samples are tested in pools but results are reported for individual animals. 
> If a positive result is obtained from a pool, we automatically test each individual sample in the pool (at no extra cost) to determine which individuals are positive.

BVD PCR screen

This cost effective screening test is designed for larger herds or mobs, and is suitable for animals of any age.

> Testing is only performed on pools (20+ serum samples required) and you will only receive a pooled result.
> Individual testing is NOT performed on positive pools.

Note: Confirmation testing to identify individual positive animals will only be done on request (and incurs an additional charge).

Bulk milk testing packages

Gribbles Veterinary offers bulk milk testing packages to make screening dairy herds for BVD efficient and simple (see details here).  If the previous season BVD bulk milk testing results and vaccination history are known, then this information can be used to tailor a BVD testing programme.