Caprine arthritis and encephalitis (CAE) ELISA

Caprine arthritis and encephalitis (CAE) ELISA

Species: Caprine

Specimen: Serum

Container: Red top or gel tube

Collection protocol: Venepuncture

Special handling/shipping requirements: Standard

General information about the disease:

Caprine arthritis and encephalitis (CAE) is caused by a lentivirus and most prevalent in dairy goats. Arthritis is the most common clinical sign in adult goats while encephalomyelitis can present in young kids. Adults may also develop progressive interstitial pneumonia and chronic mastitis.

General information about when this test is indicated:

Identification of seropositive i.e. previously infected goats can allow decisions for management of infected animals or culling options. Testing groups of animals to confirm absence of infection is also useful.

Comparison with other related tests:

Characteristic pathology is found in infected animals so post mortem and histopathology could be used to confirm infection.