Cytology fluids

Cytology fluids

Species: Any

Specimen: Effusions, joint fluid, washes, CSF

Container: EDTA (for cytology only as is bacteriostatic), red or lemon top tube /pottle or Eswab for culture, direct smears

Collection protocol:

Collect fluid using sterile techniques with appropriate sedation/pain management.  It is always advisable to make direct smears of the fluid at the time of sampling and to dry them rapidly with a fan or flapping motion. The remainder of the fluid should be submitted in an EDTA tube (cytology) as well as a red or lemon top tube or pottle or Eswab (should culture be required).  EDTA assists in preservation of cells for cytology but is bacteriostatic so not ideal for culture. CSF samples must be sent to the lab as soon as possible, preferably protected and on ice.

Special handling/shipping requirements:

Do not ship with formalin (or wrap and bag separately) as the formalin fumes prevent cellular uptake of differential stains rendering the slides non-diagnostic. 

General information about the disease: N/A

General information about when this test is indicated: N/A

Comparison with other related tests: N/A

Refer to samples types and collection for more information.