Ear notch sampling

Ear notch tissue is an ideal sample for BVD testing on animals of all ages (for PCR and antigen ELISA testing).  We’ve now made it easy for you to take samples using a reliable method that is quick, safe, user-friendly, easy to transport and efficient for us to process in the laboratory.

Introducing the Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) – they take ear notch samples that are perfect for BVD testing. 

· Samples can be collected in seconds with minimal animal restraint.

· Clean, uncontaminated sampling ensures the samples reach the laboratory in pristine condition.

· Retesting due to insufficient sample size is a thing of the past—the tissue samples contain ample genetic material for testing.

· Sample integrity is maintained in the fully sealed TSU which is labelled with a 2D barcode and ID panel.

Easy to follow instructions for using the TSUs can be found on the Allflex website, plus there is also a video demonstration available.

Allflex Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) are now available to purchase along with all of your other consumables from Gribbles Veterinary.  Visit our ‘shop’ today!