Fancy a needle with that?

There are many sample types that need to be collected with a syringe and needle.  Our online Veterinary Handbook covers sample collection requirements for cytology and urinalysis, and interestingly enough, we don’t once mention that we’d like to receive a needle with any of these fluids or biopsies!

Surprisingly often, we receive needles on syringes with samples.  Because of the potential danger of needle-stick injuries, we request that you DO NOT submit samples in syringes with needles attached. If a sample is drawn using a syringe, it should be transferred to an appropriate specimen container to help preserve the cells/sample until it can be tested.  All needles must be disposed of in your clinic prior to packaging and sending via courier to the laboratory.

If you are caught short and do not have any specimen containers available, please remove the needle and cap the syringe prior to sending to us.  Syringe caps can be purchased using our consumables order form or online ordering.

So let’s keep everyone safe and leave the needles at your place!