Fluid-filled mass aspirates

Fluid-filled mass aspirates

Species: Any

Specimen: Aspirated material, fluid in ETDA (for cytology) and red or lemon top tube/pottle or Eswab (in case culture is required)

Container: Glass slides, slide container, EDTA (for cytology only as EDTA is bacteriostatic), red or lemon top tube /pottle or Eswab (culture)

Collection protocol:

See “Cytology – solid mass aspirates”.  Try to aspirate both solid areas and fluid-filled areas of the mass.  With any fluid, always send a direct smear with the remainder of the fluid in EDTA (for cytology) and red or lemon top tube /pottle or Eswab (for culture, if required)

Special handling/shipping requirements:

Do not ship with formalin (or wrap and bag separately) as the formalin fumes prevent cellular uptake of differential stains rendering the slides non-diagnostic.

General information about the disease: N/A

General information about when this test is indicated: N/A

Comparison with other related tests: N/A

Refer to samples types and collection for more information.