Histophilus somni

Histophilus somni

Species: Bovine, ovine

Specimen: Swabs and fresh tissue but depends on disease or lesions.

Container: Sterile container for tissues, fluids or swabs

Collection protocol: Depends on sample type, may involve removal of cotyledons or tissue biopsy, aspiration of fluid, nasal swab.

Special handling/shipping requirements: Samples are to be transported and stored chilled. Do not freeze samples.

General information about the disease: Causes a variety of conditions in domestic ruminants including respiratory disease with septicaemia, meningitis/meningoencephalitis (TEME) and genital infections such as endometritis and abortion. The organism can occur in the semen and genital tract of bulls. It is also a commensal of genital tract of sheep and causes epididymitis and orchitis in rams.

Comparison with other related tests: Histophilus species are fragile organisms and difficult to culture. PCR provides a rapid, specific method of detection and identification in a range of sample types.