Large cytology submissions

We occasionally receive cytology submissions with large numbers of smears. These cases take a huge amount of time to process, stain and examine.

In order to better reflect the cost involved in these cases (>10 smears) we have changed the descriptions and pricing for cytology testing. The options marked with an asterisk below have been changed. Your options for cytology on smears and bone marrow are now as follows:

1. Smear – single organ/site – up to 6 slides
2. Smear – single organ/site – up to 10 slides*
3. Smear – additional site or resample (same organ) or extra smears – up to 6 slides*
4. Bone marrow (including CBC) – up to 10 slides*

If more than 10 smears need to be examined from a single site (including bone marrow), further charges will be incurred (see 3. additional site pricing). For example, if you submit more than 10 slides on a case, you will be charged for “up to 10 slides” (2. or 4.) as well as an additional site fee (3.) for each group of 6 slides in excess of 10.

An updated price book with these changes was sent out to our mailing list in late June, but if you did not receive a copy please email us and we will send one through to you.

Contact your local laboratory and speak to a clinical pathologist if you have any questions or concerns.