MineralCheck – trace element testing

MineralCheck – trace element testing

MineralCheck testing enables veterinarians to diagnose and prevent mineral deficiencies, gross nutritional inadequacies, and production limiting diseases in farmed animals. Awanui Veterinary’s extensive range of trace element testing options allows you to choose exactly what tests you require. You have complete control to create packages customised to your farmers’ requirements.

Our trace element testing is a gold standard service offering:

  • Rapid turn-around-time
  • Internationally recognised methodology
  • Internationally accredited results
  • Exclusive inorganic iodine test
  • Focus on continual development of new testing
  • Free liver biopsy kits to ensure sample quality
  • Customised clinic specific panels can be created

For in-depth information and recommendations on trace element testing, check out the reference MineralCheck booklet.

Below we have included the recommended testing for each animal species type to guide you, but you can tailor the package to suit your requirements. Here is a link to our dedicated trace element submission form so you can take advantage of this testing today!

Liver testing recommendations:    
  Cattle Sheep Deer Goats
B12 (cobalt) X X    
Copper XX X X
Selenium XXX X
Zinc XX    
Serum testing recommendations:    
  Cattle Sheep Deer Goats
B12 (cobalt)   XX  
Copper X   XX
Ferroxidase X   XX
GGT X      
Iodine (PII) XX X X
Magnesium X      
Phosphate X      
Selenium XXX  
Zinc XX    

If you have any questions or would like any further information on the discount available to your clinic, please contact your local Awanui Veterinary laboratory or your Territory Manager.