We haven’t forgotten the cows!

RACHEL WHITEHEAD We are seeing a continual emergence of drench resistance in cattle. The importance of monitoring the efficiency of drenches in cattle, particularly dairy, is key to halt the production limiting effect of resistant parasite burden. Faecal egg counting (FEC) alone does have its limits when used for cattle. The host immune response can […]

Salmonella abortions in cattle

LISA HULME-MOIR This month has seen two cases from the Northland and Taranaki districts involving late-term abortions due to Salmonella Bovismorbificans. In both instances, mixed-age dairy cattle were involved and in one case, eight of the nine cattle aborting did not show any observable clinical signs other than having dead near full-term calves. The aborted […]

Teat spraying with iodine

JOHN GILL Does teat spraying with an iodine based product increase serum iodine in dairy cattle? Fortunately this question was asked and answered by veterinarian Martha Camps of Vetora, Te Awamutu recently. Martha selected a dairy farm that did not currently supplement with or use any iodine based products.  Six cows were selected at random, […]