To mate, or not to mate?

Serial monitoring of progesterone in bitches has proven to be an invaluable diagnostic tool for management of breeding.

In addition to accurate predication of ovulation, serum progesterone levels can also be utilised to indicate impending parturition, and identify more uncommon reproductive occurrences such as split-heats.1,2 

Vaginal cytology is a useful adjunct in breeding management, providing added confidence in the optimal timing for both natural mating and artificial insemination. The combined use of serial progesterone and vaginal cytology results in greater success in regards to pregnancy rate and litter size, especially when frozen semen is used.3

When timing is critical, accuracy is everything.

The accuracy and reliability of progesterone results is of paramount importance in facilitating appropriate decision making when it comes to breeding management. These are qualities that form the foundation of Gribbles Veterinary’s products and services.

> Testing is carried out in our IANZ accredited laboratories by highly trained and experienced staff

> Testing is subjected to comprehensive internal quality control and quality assurance testing, ensuring the delivery of fast, accurate and reliable test results you can depend on

> Our progesterone test is fully validated and provides results that are directly comparable with the Immulite assay (widely accepted in literature as the gold standard and recommended by reproduction specialists internationally)

> Cytology submissions are analysed by our world class clinical pathologists, for interpretive assurance you can trust.

Progesterone testing with Gribbles Veterinary:

Accuracy you can trust

Reliability you can depend on


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