Veterinary Handbook

Factor VIII (Haemophilia A)

Species: Dogs

Specimen: Whole blood

Container: Citrate (blue top)

Collection protocol:

Collect blood with a minimum of trauma so coagulation cascade is not triggered, preferably from the jugular so a good flow is ensured. Fill the tube to the level indicated on the blood tube.

Special handling/shipping requirements:

Deliver to laboratory as soon as possible because it has to be spun and frozen as soon as possible.

General information about the disease:

Suspected in young dogs with history of haemorrhage and in which other causes have been ruled out.

General information about when this test is indicated:

Where there is unexplained haemorrhage in young dogs and where other causes have been ruled out.  The sample is subcontracted to an external laboratory for testing.

Related tests:

Genetic testing is available via Contact Orivet directly if you wish to carry out this testing.