King’s birthday weekend

All of our laboratories will be closed on Monday 3 June for the King’s birthday public holiday. Our laboratories will be open normal operating hours on Saturday. Enjoy the long weekend!

When is a swab more than a swab?

Geoff Orbell Sometimes knowing which gel swab to use for a given sample type or pathogen can be confusing. ESwab® are quickly becoming popular in veterinary medicine as they are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of cultures including: · Aerobic and anaerobic culture· Fastidious bacteria e.g. Nocardia sp., rapidly growing Mycobacteria and Chlamydiaceae· Gram […]

Exotic visitors

Sunao Fujita Clinical history An 18-month-old, spayed, American Staffordshire Terrier recently presented at the veterinarian for lethargy and inappetence. Pale mucous membranes and pyrexia (39.9°C) were observed on physical examination. In-house CBC and chemistry revealed marked anaemia and mild hyperbilirubinemia, respectively. An EDTA sample was sent to Awanui Veterinary for a full CBC including blood […]

Autumn mastitis promotion!

Let us help your farming clients manage mastitis with this great offer available until 15 June 2024.  Take advantage of bulk sample pricing for the following tests: StaphGOLD™  Staphylococcus aureus antibody ELISA testing > Available on individual cow (composite quarter) milk samples> Not affected by intermittent shedding of S. aureus> Ideal as a screening test […]

Sheep poo required

Beef+Lamb NZ – Facial Eczema Three-Year Research Study Facial Eczema (FE) costs the New Zealand economy a staggering $332 million dollars a year and is a challenge farmers are facing across the country. B+LNZ, along with our partners, are working to produce new solutions to tackle this devastating disease, but we need your help. It […]


All of our laboratories will be closed on Thursday, 25 April for ANZAC day. Lest we forget.

A potential ‘dermergency’

Michael Hardcastle It has been said that “dogs never die from skin disease, but only itch forever”, however there are a few dermatological conditions that are linked to serious systemic lesions. One of them is a rare syndrome seen exclusively in Miniature Schnauzers, a case of which was recently suspected at Awanui Veterinary, Auckland. Clinical […]

Unstained melody

Sandy Weltan Clinical history A 10-year-old male, neutered, Turkish Angora cat presented with a soft but uneven textured lobulated subcutaneous mass on the rump. There was a history of a cat fight. Fine needle aspirates were submitted for evaluation. Laboratory findings: On initial examination on low power (Figure 1) it looked like a mesenchymal tumour, […]

Autumn essentials

Liver and serum sampling in the autumn, or at drying off, provides an opportunity to ensure herd trace element levels are appropriate heading into winter. The testing options below focus on the essential autumn trace elements – copper and selenium – but you can add to these or change them using other trace element tests […]

Pathologist spotlight

We are very excited to recently have two fabulous new pathologists join our team. Let us introduce you to Wilson Karalus and Sandra Bulla. Wilson Karalus graduated from Massey University in 2013 and spent the first three years of his career in dairy practice in Canterbury. He then moved to Portland Oregon, USA and worked […]