POC services

POC services

Is your clinic:

  • Looking at bringing diagnostic testing in-house through a point of care (POC) analyser but don’t know where to start?
  • Already using a POC device and looking to upgrade but don’t have time to research the options to determine the best fit for your practice’s requirements?
  • Looking for a Quality Assurance programme to give you some confidence in the results of your POC analyser?

Awanui Veterinary can offer practice owners and veterinarians a comprehensive and professional advisory service to support you in your POC analyser selection, enabling you to better understand the analysers’ limitations and how to facilitate improved results management.

Considerations in POC selection:

  • Can your POC analyser integrate with your practice management software and reference laboratory for interpretations and continuity of care?
  • Have you performed a long term cost analysis of consumable usage in additional to any capital expenditure?
  • Do you have trained staff able to identify and limit inconsistent results?
  • Does your reference laboratory support all available POC platforms?

Awanui Veterinary has completed an extensive technical review of the latest biochemistry POC analysers available in New Zealand, assessing performance using ASVCP* guidelines. The review included gathering data from peer reviewed publications and manufacturers’ validation records, plus comprehensive side-by-side performance analysis with our laboratory analysers, using samples from New Zealand cats and dogs. As a result, impartial technical reports of the performance and precision of these POC analysers have been prepared to assist clinics with decision making processes.

Awanui Veterinary POC service includes:

  • Technical reports of analyser performance and precision
  • Assistance selecting appropriate POC analyser for your clinic
  • Guidelines on cost analysis of consumables
  • External QA programme for proficiency testing – a must for all analysers, giving you confidence in your results
  • Laboratory Integration for seamless results management, pathologist interpretation and support
  • On-going CPD

This POC service will provide the support you need to produce repeatable and reliable results, as well as ensure you are confident using your in-house diagnostic equipment.
Talk to us today, and take the first steps to ensure your clinic is using the right POC analyser and are obtaining the most value from it, whilst promoting the highest standard of care for your patients. We are here to help, no matter what brand of analyser you chose.

*American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathologists

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